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By Frances Cook
As an elderly person I have heard many testimonies. Some were recited with weeping, some with very much joy, and some with conviction. I used to listen and think to myself, "how I wish I had something to tell", but for many years I had nothing.

I spent thirty five years in the church where the mother of Christ was honored above her son. I accepted this in childhood, but as an adult I couldn't. Because of the kindness of a Seventh-Day Adventist neighbor, I was given a Bible, the first one I'd ever held in my hands. So, I became a Seventh-day Adventist. I was amazed the first few years at the knowledge these people had of scripture. The year was 1967 and every Sabbath the people came to church with the Bible - some came with the writings of Ellen White - and I learned a lot about Jesus. I was told much about how to eat, how to dress, and who I should associate with. I went along with these instructions, but I did not do it with joy because the food I ate, the way I dressed, and the people I associated with did not change me one iota. I lost my temper, I gossiped, and I swore when I thought I had reason to. I was certainly not converted because I knew Christ would never do any of these things. What I needed was something I didn't have - and never saw - and that was a church where people had victory over these offenses against God. So what to do? Stay in the church and just attend church and pretend I was alright? Or leave the church and be a worldling? Knowing that I would not be saved, I decided to go back into the world. I reasoned that in the church I was lost. Out of the church I was lost. How many ways are there to be lost?

I did not, however, lose my personal privilege of prayer. For five years I prayed for God to "make me a better person". I didn't have any idea that my prayers would be answered, but they were. God had a plan that brought me and several others at the same time to a church where "victory over sin" was the "good news". I was made welcome when I went for the first time; I was made welcome for the second and third time; I was made welcome when I questioned; and I was made welcome when I rebelled. If you came as a Doubting Thomas or Impetuous Peter you were welcome. Did not Christ stand immoveable at Thomas and Peter?

I've found the true church, the one that will go through to the end.

I've found the church that Jesus prayed for in John Chapter 17.

We're able to take up our bed and walk.

I'm sixty seven years old and I invite those who are searching for truth, for peace, for love, for a pure church to come and see for yourselves what makes the Creation Seventh Day Adventist message the message that will lead you unto the Kingdom.

You'll be welcome! Please send your comments or questions to:

Frances Cook
P.O. Box 419
Seffner, Fla. 33583


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